Sciguy (sciguy98) wrote,

Little pissed...

Recently, a friend posted an entry that I deeply resent:

"Look. You're an arrogant bastard. You get all uptight about cosplay of all things. You do realize that you go off on stupid, ridiculous rants about the way that people sew costumes of cartoon characters? People who are just there to have a good time? Maybe it's just me, being on the outside, but honestly I don't see how this can possibly be a big deal. And you know, it's not your seriousness, it's your goddamn arrogance and your blatant dismissal of costumes you didn't make. You not only dismiss their costume ability, you seem to dismiss the person. I can't respect that at all. You're still fun to talk to about DnD, but try to find a little humility, will you?"

It begins in a way that I can quite easily agree with. I am an arrogant bastard. I occasionally get uptight about cosplay. And I do rant about poor craftsmanship.

However, the parts that are insulting are: "it's your goddamn arrogance and your blatant dismissal of costumes you didn't make", "you seem to dismiss the person", and "try to find a little humility, will you?"

First of all, when did I ever claim to be a great, or even good, cosplayer? I don't think I'm very good. Better than a lot of cosplayers, sure. But not particularly good overall. My actual quotes are, "The only thing that separates the good cosplayers from the bad cosplayers is time and dedication" and "Sewing is nothing but the same few basic techniques repeated over and over again in different variations." After all, a stitch is a stitch. there really aren't that many ways to put a loop of thread in a piece of fabric. There are no special techniques, no tricks, nothing. Every stitch is, basically, the same. The only possible variation is where the thread pierces the fabric relative to the rest of the stitch.

In other words, I neither use my costumes as the standard by which all costumes must be judged (and if I did, I'd be so depressed that I probably wouldn't cosplay. My costumes really do tend to be sucktastic sometimes. Skullkid was a disaster, specifically).

Next, I have been a competitive cosplayer since my third convention. Every costume I have ever entered has gotten something and I've gotten something in every cosplay I've ever been in, except for the first one. Excuse me for using all of that competitive experience to make opinions on others' costumes. That should probably be reserved for people who judge cosplay contests. Oh. Wait. I DO judge cosplay contests. I AM specifically qualified to make the calls that I make.

If people want to wear retarded looking clothes for fun. Let them. Hell, I do it, too. I get anal and annoyed, however, when some slut puts on a fur bikini and calls herself Kirara. I get pissed when someone buys a slew of crap from hot topic and calls themselves a Naruto cosplayer or a State Alchemist. There are people who have crappy jobs who save for a year or even longer just to go to one convention. People who scrap and save and work every available waking hour on a costume. People who pour time and dedication and above all else, LOVE, into a garment. People who cry, sweat, and bleed for their art. People who give everything they have to pay as much tribute as they can to a character that may have changed their lives.

To call those kids who like to spend their parents money on overpriced trifles and trinkets cosplayers, and therefore place them in the same category as those people who shed blood, sweat, and tears for their costumes... It's not right. It's so deeply offending that it should make us all angry. Would you group checkers players who make up their own rediculous rules in with dedicated Chess players who are trying desparately to live up to their idols? Would you group Bloods and Crips in with US Marines because they both use guns to kill people? Would you lot Jim, the cook at Denny's, in with Emeril Legasse or Wolfgang Puck? My comparison may be flamboyant, sure. But the sentiment is the same.

Now, for my arrogance and lack of humility... Andria, Chris, RJ, Meghan... those who know me best... You know that I act like an arrogant asshole fairly often. But you have seen and heard me struggle with feelings of uselessness, depression, and loneliness. You should all know that if I'm not arrogant and overconfident that I have trouble functioning. I like to think that those of you who love me can see beyond my apparent arrogance. I ask you: Do you also believe that I lack humility?

Is this person the kind of person I want as a friend? I'm starting to have my doubts.

Comments screened.

EDIT: Kathy is allowed to make a smartass, sarcastic comment, for she is special like that. No one else, though! XÞ
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