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My cat needs a home

So... would anyone like to have a female silver tabby cat?

Due to circumstances I won't bore you all with, my cat, Deanna, will no longer have a home in fewer than two weeks. Basically the end of the month. So, I need to find someone that will take her before that time, otherwise she goes to whichever group handles cat adoptions.

She's a 3 year old Silver Tabby cat, female. Well tempered, lethargic, great with kids. Very laid back cat. Unfortunately, if you want a cat to actively play with, this is not the cat for you ^^;;.

She spent part of her life as strictly outdoor, part as both, and the last year as an indoor cat, so she's perfectly capable of handling any of these roles. She is also used to living with other animals, including a dog.

She is spayed and has all of her shots. She is not declawed and I request that she stay that way. Declawing is cruel.

And since my main focus is to find her a home and keep her alive, she is, of course, completely free. Anyone in the MD, VA, DE, NJ, PA area is welcome to comment and/or offer to take her. This offer is up for one week only, after that, I have to make alternate arrangements for her for this is a concrete deadline.

I hate to lose my cat (again), but I've simply no choice in this matter.

Thanks in advance ^_^
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